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Choosing Your Domain Name

Your domain name can have an impact in both the online and offline marketing of your web-site. Generally, short domain names are easy to remember, while long names are harder for visitors to remember and type. Obtain a domain name that will help you in your marketing and one that can help you develop an identity on-line.

If you have an established business, you can use your business name as your domain name. Put your domain name on your letterhead, business cards, printed materials, invoices and off-line advertising. You could also put it on your phone recording, the side of your vehicles, and include it in your email signature. Put it in front of your customers and prospects, make it known that you can be found on the internet.

Purchasing a business name as your domain name is not the only way to go. If your business name is already taken by someone else, then get a domain name that reflects what you are doing as a business, or any industry specific name. This is known as using a keyword domain name and it can do very well on the search engines. Using a keyword domain name is when you register BestDryCleaner.com instead of your businessname.com.

Unless you are an established business like Coffee Bean, many potential customers might not even know your business exist. If they want to find a dry cleaner near where they are, often they might just google “dry cleaner in their location”. In this case, having your business name as your domain name might have not advantage to you.

Should You Get A dot Com
Use the .com domain name as opposed to a .net, .info, .biz or anything else. While there is nothing wrong with the other extensions, many people associates .com with the internet and find it easier to remember. If your desired domain name is not available in a .com, use some other variations of your keyword until you find one that is suitable for your business.

Keep it Short and Memorable, and it should reflect your business and presence on the internet. When you have establish the domain name you want, it is time to register it.


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