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Where To Look For Web Hosting Reviews

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When you are looking for web hosting reviews, you will probably turn to your favourite search engine such, as Google like many people do. The trouble with relying on search engines is that it can be hard to find unbiased reviews. Many of the sites you will find are probably affiliate sites for specific web hosts, so they have a vested interest in recommending those hosts. In this article, we’ll look at a few more objective ways to find reviews.

One of the best places to go looking for hosting reviews is web hosting or internet marketing forums. Most of these forums do not allow affiliate links, so people are less likely to recommend a company purely for the sake of a commission. And these forums generally have users that have used a huge variety of hosting services, so you can get suggestions you might never find otherwise.

Some of the best forums to check for web hosting reviews include:

  • WarriorForum.com
  • WebHostingTalk.com
  • Forums.Digitalpoint.com
  • imTalk.org

If you belong to any private forums, those can also be good places to get recommendations. You will probably find plenty of threads that already have lots of helpful reviews but if not, simply post your own asking for recommendations.

Social Media
Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can also be great places to get recommendations. If you are connected with other people who would be using web hosting, you can simply post a question asking for recommendations. You can easily find groups for web hosting in Facebook and Linkedin. While these might be web hosting affiliates, you can find many tips as well from advance users.

Much like forums, this will get you much more objective reviews than a search engine result because most of the people who reply will recommend a host that they have personal experience with.

Blogs are another good source of reviews and recommendations, but not necessarily in the way you might think. Many bloggers write posts recommending particular web hosts, but this is no different than the sites you might find in Google – there is no way to know if they are simply making a recommendation in order to earn a commission.

Instead, look for some of the more well-known blogs in your market and check to see where those sites are hosted. Those hosting companies will most likely be reliable choices, since these larger, popular blogs are using them for their own sites.

Your hosting service is critical to the success of your internet marketing business, so make sure you do your homework before making a decision. It is much easier to spend a little extra time on this step before you choose than it is to move all your websites to a new host when you discover the one you picked was not up to par.

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