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What Is Web Hosting

Web Hosting Explained

Web hosting is where you put your website so that it is accessible on the internet. Your website is stored on a server provided by your web host or a web hosting service. A domain name is the address that takes people to your website.

Web hosting is offered in packages and these packages refer to the amount of server space that your website can use. Think of it as paying rental for a shoplot. The domain name is your signboard, and the web hosting is your shoplot.

Watch the video for Web Hosting Explained for Beginner. It should help you understand what web hosting is.

Web Hosting Packages Explained

Web hosting packages are sold based on the amount of server space, 500 MB, 1 GB, 2GB and so forth. It will also specify the bandwidth or monthly data transfer, which means the amount of data traffic you can use in a month.

Web hosting is sold on a yearly basis and has to be renewed annually. The same goes for your domain name.

You can increase the amount of server space or bandwidth by upgrading to another package. All this is done by your web hosting provider, you do not have to do anything except place the order and pay for the upgrade. If you have to upgrade your package, you should be very happy about it as it means that you are getting an enormous amount of website visitors.

For our Malaysia friends, here is the video in Malay, Apakah itu Web Hosting?

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